I'm A Legal Alien Now

Friday, July 07, 2006

Things I Have Achieved Today-

1. Booked a flight at four in the morning to Sydney
2. Caught said flight at 7:30am
3. Took train from Sydney Airport to US Consulate 9:20am-9:50am
4. Undertook the US Consulate Experience 9:50am-10:15am (bit like MBF but with less decor and more security)
5. Collected visa 10:20am
6. Took train from US Consulate to Sydney Airport 10:30am-10:55am
7. Bought flight from Sydney to Brisbane 11:05am
8. Flew to Brisbane. Supposed to be 1:05pm, but faulty radar meant it was actually 1:30pm
9. Arrive Brisbane at 2:45pm. Travel to Flight Centre
10. Arrive Flight Centre at 3:30pm. Book flights and buy insurance.
11. Arrive home at 5:10pm.

Things I Have Not Yet Achieved Today, But Must Very Shortly

1. Packed
2. Booked accommodation in LA
3. Booked accommodation in DC

I believe I'm currently in the quiet-sense-of-terror phase of this whole jaunt. I leave tomorrow, at 12:40pm on Air New Zealand to LA via Auckland. Thanks to the International Dateline (no matter how many times its described to me, it's still a damn mindtrip) I arrive in LA at the exact time I took off from Brisbane. Kooky!


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