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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

My first 4th of July! I shall celebrate by expelling the British and draping myself in as many flags as is humanly possible. I'm going to Xena's roofdeck later to watch the fireworks.

In order to gain admission to the roofdeck, I have to make a chicken salad, so a trip to Safeway is in order. Not only do I need to buy the contents of the salad, I also need to buy something to put it in.

Last night I went to Taint with Jack and some of his friends. I had fun, but was home by 1. Some guy gave me a whole lot of free passes for BeBar which I didn't want so then I just pretended I was a bar promoter, which was wildly entertaining cos I do it a little too well 'ohmigodareyouguyshaving, like, a greatnight? Heyyoushould, like, totallycheckoutBeBar, like, nextSaturdaybecausethey'rehaving, like, afetishnightanditwillbeawesomesoyoushould, like, totallycheckitout!!'

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