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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Doctor, doctor, tell me the news

I got my first taste of the American healthcare system today and oh boy!

First up, thank god I have insurance.

To get my 'primary care physician' I got a reference from a colleague to get into this super-exclusive clinic (I believe they are trying to keep themselves gay. Something about it bothers me at any rate). My new PCP however is really nice but because of crazy medical liability here, seems only to be able to diagnose which specialist I need to see. As a funky mole is on the menu, I'm off to a dermatologist and the earliest I could get in was August 3. The mole is probably fine- I've had it since I was a wee one- but it started getting a bit flaky then stopped. The derms will decide to chop it off, and it doesn't worry me, but I am going to insist on waiting until cooler weather as I've had mole removal in summer before and it is not pleasant.

The only funny bit about all of this is that he asked a series of bizarrely personal questions for my personal health history including intimate details of sexual activity but only one, and one only, question made me blush. It was, and I quote-

"Do you exercise?"

"ummmmmm..... no."

I mean I walk to and from work every day but I figure the icecream negates that.



Blogger anney said...

In my recent gym escapades, I was intruiged to learn that, I did in fact exercise. Normally when I have those akward conversations w gym consultants, I don't exercise. But this time I did. Who knew Bollywood dancing and aqua-aerobics (summer only), would help me impress my personal gym consultant.

Although, I do not entirely believe these things are exercise, I believe I experienced a feeling of 'mild smug'.

11:42 PM  

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