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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bloody Hot

It's bloody hot these days in DC.

Perhaps in response, I've started to see movies by myself. I've been a bit all over the shop really, moody then perky. Last week I saw Hairspray, then this week The Simpsons.

Hairspray didn't make me laugh, but I did have a fairly constant grin on my face. The music is pretty much instantly forgettable and it is irritating when the MESSAGE gets whacked across you (how can Queen Latifah have the most boring songs?) but I still enjoyed it.

The Simpsons didn't suck, so my response is mostly of relief. That said, it wasn't fantastic either. No Krusty Gets Kancelled or Last Exit to Springfield. Not even The Old Man and the Lisa. It certainly had its moments- the Disneyesque moment for Marge and Homer, seeing Bart's penis (at last!), Mr Burns' final line. One of the articles recently that has talked about the Simpsons losing its way pointed out that in the first six-ish seasons, slapstick and more high-brow humour seemed to be relatively in balance. Now it's nearly all slapstick and even the high-brow stuff (high-brow is not the right term, but it's the only one I can think of currently) is completely overstated, it seems more to prove the writers can still do it (I'm thinking of a recent Thomas Pynchon scene).

So The Simpsons made me laugh a couple of times, and kept me fairly reliably amused for a couple of hours and it didn't blow.

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