I'm A Legal Alien Now

Friday, July 20, 2007


Despite some notable highlights (C managing to pick up 12 new Marine recruits- who were probably 18- on the walk to dinner last night being one in particular), this week was a little depressing for something I can't post.

My new boss also wants me to drive. I'm adjusting to the concept of driving, but having to drive an Embassy car scares the shit out of me.

Walking home tonight there were two guys in Dupont Circle... playing Monopoly. This does not strike me as a particularly park-friendly boardgame (all that paper money flying away in the slightest breeze though they seemed to have it under control) but it brought back many fond memories of Trivial Pursuit in New Farm Park. Then I got a little sad. But, happily, Jack has invited me to a Board Game Night tomorrow night after dinner with his new boy-of-interest. I'm very excited about that. I hope he realises I play to win.

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