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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Torn Rotary Cuff

Last Wednesday night I pinched a nerve in my shoulder while sleeping so I've been in a fair bit of pain since then, but it's finally starting to fade (I think). I could barely turn my neck to the left, which was driving me insane. Anyway, wikipedia told me that I could have arthritis, tendonitis or a torn rotary cuff, but I've done this before and it did just go away within a few days.

Yesterday I saw Knocked Up with Sexy T. It's by the same guys who did 40 Year Old Virgin but is way, way better. Gonzalez's boyfriend was having a farewell BBQ before he goes to Iraq (pretty depressing) somewhere in the ghetto NE so we went there after the movie, got home about midnight. It was fun. I was also amused that the party segregated into buff gay and fat gay and by virtue of my friendship with T and my friend crush on this hilarious Mexican-Georgian accent friend of Gonzalez's, I got to sit with Buff Gay. I was much amused. There was this guy there taking photos of arm pits, and some other guy who is the gay man I sometimes wish I could be. Fauxhawk and a very animated face.

The neighbours were Ethiopian and at some point they were offering shots of a traditional Ethiopian spirit. Well I had a go and it was very possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever drunk. Whilst I do not want to besmirch the fine nation of Ethiopia and their culture, it tasted like ashtrays mixed with gasoline.

Brunch this morning at Open City with Scarlett and her boyfriend. I love brioche french toast. And now, I nap.

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