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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Security Theatre

One of the things which constantly bugs me is the ridiculous level of security in this city. And the thing is, it's not even really doing anything. It seems anyone who works in security here, especially if they're charged with escorting the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior (a known target for sure), is also an arsehole.

This week we have had some materials in a major government building on Capitol Hill. Yesterday afternoon I went through the security checkpoint and stripped it all down and walked out again. Not one of the security personnel bothered to ask me what was I doing. I seriously considered getting Xena to then go in ten minutes later and ask where everything was because she was expected to take it back to the Embassy.

Airport security is a well-worn path and nothing I say will add any original thought to the matter, but, what the fuck? One guy tries, and fails, to blow up his shoes and we have to shuffle barefoot. And why, why, why must the TSA be so rude and unpleasant? Politeness and Security are not mutually exclusive- the security guards in Nice were positively friendly, and in Singapore they're so polite. Here you're almost arrested if you leave your scarf on.



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