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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wireless, baby!

I have taken the $120 plunge and bought a wireless card and I'm wondering why it took me so long. My battery is so flat my laptop can never really be truly wireless, but it is an exciting development nonetheless.

I'm still C's spacious basement having been a playmate/babysitter for the four year (five, as of today) old who is a scampish but ultimately good kid. It's also rather nice to be temporarily part of a family unit again.

Brief post really considering it's been a week but the strength of the connection is a wee bit variable in the basement.

After a very frustrating week of homelessness, I put the rather monstrous deposit on a magnificent one bedroom apartment on the border of Georgetown/Dupont Circle/Rock Creek Park (really, the location could not be better for the price). Technically I'm, oh, about $30,000 short of the income requirement but it's extraordinarily high so it hopefully will not prove a problem. I intend to debate if it does. I'm trying not to get too excited in case it bombs out, but fingers crossed.

In the spirit of 'not getting too excited' today I went and priced mattresses.


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