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Monday, November 20, 2006

A Walking Tour

Do you know who I could quite happily never see again, ever?

Oh yes, I went there.

I never thought I'd tire of the man who brought me The Office. But as I otherwise enjoyed For Your Consideration on the weekend up until when he appeared onscreen I realised that my love had grown to disdain as I realised Mr Gervais had the one and only character in his repertoire even when in animated form as displayed on The Simpsons episode he rather terribly co-wrote (though let's face it, it's been some time since a Simpsons episode even approached the excellence of Marge's pretzel business episode, which I decided on the weekend was one of my favourites ever).

In other news this evening I made a little walking tour (suitably rugged up in coat and gloves and scarf) of three possible housing options. Two were quite suitable but, room-mate issues aside, they've made me realise that the deal I've had hasn't been bad value for money. That said, it is still too much of my salary so... yeah. The two I'm most interested in were a bit daggy but both had superb locations. Anyway, we'll see what goes down.


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