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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bad Surveys

As I have nowhere else to post my rage, I shall share it with my reader.

I really hate bad surveys. Ever since I did surprisingly well at marketing research during my masters bad surveys have stood out to me like the turd in the punchbowl. The following survey, which I came upon by the usually so wonderful Go Fug Yourself, has so many horrible horrible aspects to it. I nearly always agree to take surveys because I know how valuable the results can be, but this one was horrendous so I started lying out of spite.

It's biggest crime is being too long. Giving someone dozens of options to answer a question means the question is usually poorly designed or not focused enough. The answers are sometimes biased which invalidates research- my favourite was on filesharing- did I believe it should be 'strongly punished, encouraged or ignored'. The 'strongly' throws it to the outfield of bias.

Having to rank my vodka preference out of 100 for what seemed like 100 brands was horrendous. There was so much horrendousness, I need a bit of a lie down.

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