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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sweet Whistlin' Dixie

I have been silent of late but things are beyond crazy at work. Today even hit new peaks/depths of craziness to the extent I can't even blog them for fear of my job.

But one thing I do love is the dixie band which sometimes appears about this time in Dupont Circle. I know nothing about them. They don't appear to turn up at the same time regularly. But it's truly fantastic to be coming home after a long day to this dozen-head dixie band bopping away with everyone stopping by to have a listen. Love them.

New Reason Why I Hate Google

So I dutifully created a Google account to access my blog. Since then I've also created a Gmail account. However I can't now use my Gmail account as my Google account so if I need to go into my blog I have to log out of gmail and log back in as my Google account. You'd think this wouldn't be such a hassle, since Google have plans for world conquest and their stated mission is collation of information in the most organised format such as, oh, I don't know, being able to access my mail and my blog with the same account.

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Blogger anney said...

Well . . . if you had a gmail account before you made your blogger account, you'd probably be ok. . .

Whheeeee tiddly.

9:36 AM  

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