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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Who Knew They Had It In Them?

I went to the game last night with Scarlett, her boyfriend & her dad. To everyone's great shock, the Nats managed to beat last year's World Series champions- St Louis Cardinals. Not only did they beat them, they thrashed them 12-1. Ryan Zimmerman got two of the Nats' home runs, so it was all very exciting really especially since, as I have learnt, we hate the Cardinals. There were even two five-run innings!


I needed to lie down afterwards.

Meanwhile, I am personally offended that the ad for Daddy Day Camp uses the Figaro overture.

Again, completely unrelated, I stumbled across some fascinating migration statistics:

The US attracts just over 20% of the world's migrants (the largest of any country), and they make up just under 13% of the population.

Australia attracts 2.5% of the world's migrants, and they make up 20% of the population.

The highest share of population is Qatar, where 78% are migrants.



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