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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Orange Cheese

I don't care how tasty it may be, but I really can't cope with all the cheese in American being orange. I really can't. That shade is not in nature. On another note, god how I love Project Runway. I'm not in love with Kayne anymore, but am still quite smitten with Robert. I actually like most of the designers this time round, except for Keith because he seems to be a bit of a wanker, Angela for being an irritating hippie, Jeffrey for being Jeffrey AND having an obnoxious neck tattoo- and Vince because he's insane and not in a fun way but in a way that makes you think how much of a living hell it must be to have to live and work in the same space as him and his six personalities.

I think my Roomie's boyfriend is a bit over me. I don't really blame him. For however long he's been dating my Roomie he's been living in a group house so probably came here to get away from other people and just spend quality (and private) time with his boyfriend. Now, there's someone else here too. I'm optimistic though because the boyfriend is moving into his own place, a studio, at the end of the month so this might ease things a little- and will probably mean my Roomie will spend the odd night there too. Either that or I'm just reading far too much into things. I do want them to like me, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it as long as we remain convivial.

Then again, he may just be pissed because they can't have sex on the kitchen floor anymore.


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