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Saturday, October 07, 2006

I thought I was over this shite.

Having to face up to writing a job application is so depressing. I thought I was over this shit for a while. Whilst I suppose, sensibly, if the circumstances hadn't changed in my favour I'd be doing it again but back in Australia, I wrote so many earlier this year it's actually rather irritating. Still, I suppose I can use the one I used for this position as a template and take it from there.

Went to Filene's today in the freezing cold. Got a neat scarf, a cheap as chips sweater, some more underwear, a cheap but gorgeous belt and a blazer (sort of tan coloured) from Barneys which was reduced from $400 to $100. It's quite magnificent and if I do not put on any weight will fit me gorgeously. It's actually exactly what I was looking for. But the idiots forgot to remove the security tag, so I'm going to have to go back and get that done (she must have desensitised it though because the alarm didn't go off).

I was a bit poopy today that I didn't think to wear my sexy leather jacket- it was finally cold enough- but as Xena said over a divine brunch at the Tabard (world's GREATEST donuts), it just hasn't entered my mental wardrobe repertoire yet.

Expedia currently has flights to Berlin return over Thanksgiving for only $415. Holy shit. Also, my Roomie has lost one of my rent checks and doesn't seem to have any intention to ask me for a replacement (there's no question that I gave him one- he clearly remembers that part) so I may have scored some more purchasing parity- so Berlin and Dublin are perhaps not entirely out of the question just yet. He's a good guy, so I'll cut him another check if he asks and cancel the original one, but am not going to do it unprompted.

I really want to go and see 'The Queen', but it's only on at Bethesda and it's far too miserable outside for that little border crossing (no, really, Bethesda, whilst only about 30 minutes on the metro from my front door, is in Maryland).


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