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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I finally got an opera hit today.

Duke Bluebeard's Castle was well sung and played but for some reason left me cold. But props to Samuel Ramey and Denyce Graves who are both awesome. Gianni Schicchi, in an inspired double bill, was more engaging but a bit of the hyperactive overacting school, where farce means running around a lot and throwing open closets a lot. I liked how it had all these knowing referential touches though to Bluebeard's.

Got rather spectacularly lost trying to find Foggy Bottom (still my favourite name) Metro but ended up at Farragut so got home eventually.

If I stay, I have two overseas jaunts planned- Berlin for Thanksgiving and Dublin for New Year's. I've started doing the sums- I can do it (barely), but it will be tight. I'm not sure if I want to live like it will require, and I will need to buy some proper winter clothes which cost a fortune. Thing is, if I can only do one it makes sense to do New Year's cos then I see everyone, BUT I have absolutely no desire to see Dublin whereas I was really excited to possibly be going to Berlin. And to complicate things, Berlin is first which means I need to make a decision. Then again, maybe I should hold off Berlin and do it early next year instead, say, March.

At any rate, if I don't get the new contract it may solve all my problems as I'll have to head home.


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