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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No Bravo for you, Bravo.

I am deeply outraged that I was not adequately warned that the episodes marked 'FINALE' in the TV Guide for Project Runway tonight were actually repeats of last season's finale (and, on that note, I get that Daniel V. is the lovable cute gay guy who turned arsehole once the show wrapped- but come on. He puts his hair in a pigtail. That never bodes well for the future). All was not entirely lost however, as the next season of America's Next Top Model was starting on another, trashier channel.

And golly, ANTM is trashy after Project Runway. Between Tyra's overacting and her strange white-face make up in the Judging, coming so soon after Project Runway only highlighted how ghastly it actually is. All the girls seems really painfully bland, as if they decided to throw in the identical twins this cycle instead of actually finding girls who are going to have scrag fights. Those twins are not attractive girls either but they do photograph rather well.

I'll still be watching it though. Obviously.

In American news, it was such a beautiful day today I took an hour for lunch and walked to the books then the long way to Whole Foods. It was a lot like Brisbane's August- which I adore and was sorry I'd missed this year- brilliant blue skies and windy and it's quite warm in the sun but then you hit shade and it's a bit chilly. I still like how I get surprised I'm here- for some reason whenever I enter a drugstore (CVS, Rite Aid- wherever) I'm always somewhat astounded that I'm somewhere different. It's hard to explain- but that I'm a foreigner always seems to sink in when I'm in a drugstore. Perhaps because we don't have them at all in Australia (though, frankly, we should- they're brilliant concepts).

I'm really missing my dog. I can email and talk to everyone else except her. You don't realise how much you value their unquestioning companionship til it's gone. I was going to post a photo of her, but don't have one on the computer which makes me sad.

Mark Haddon's 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' almost made me cry it was so brilliant. I'm happy to report that his second book, 'A Spot of Bother', is totally different and although tears were never imminent is equally brilliant. Bravo, Mr Haddon, bravo.


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