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Thursday, September 14, 2006

In which I mention two religions...

Yesterday there was some sort of protest outside the Kazaks (who are next to the Nigerians and who I can see out my window at work providing all sorts of distractions). It all looked very festive. In fact, as I turned the corner and heard their chanting and bells and things I thought 'huh, I wonder what the Aboriginal performance we didn't know about is'. They were Hari Krishnas. Something to do with religious persecution.

I am such a good cultural ambassador.

Speaking of freedom of religion, at Whole Foods I discovered a Jewish Apple Cake. Finally! Judaism has given me something I can use! I would have bought one if it wasn't slightly unseemly for one person to buy a pound of cake, and it would've gone stale by the time I'd finished it (even I'm not that much of a pig.)

Speaking of eating (so many effortless segues today!) this weekend I am auditing the contents of the kitchen whilst Roomie is in San Francisco for the week. I have bought a cookbook. I am going to buy real ingredients that don't need to be defrosted. This is the dawning of a new age, and one that may even last more than a week. I'm starting tonight with a meal from Whole Foods (for a change...) but one which requires more preparation than sticking it in the microwave for six minutes and stirring occasionally. Minted Lamb Patties (which sounds a bit dubious but look SENSATIONAL) and some prepackaged carrot and celery which saves me the fuss usually associated with preparing vegies.


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