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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Whilst I was a bit stroppy at Roomie for deciding not to extend my lease, I know the strop was more my fault than his because he was completely within his rights- he gave me several weeks notice AND he'd never really adjusted to the fact that I was living here as a paying tenant, not as a guest so I think that was awkward for him (was for me!). So although I was annoyed, I tried to keep it from him because it really wan't his fault by any means.

However things are quickly turning sour:

1. I have a strong suspicion he's about to lease the room, not, as he claimed, that he wanted the guestroom back for use over Christmas. I came home tonight and he was working on his laptop doing what appeared to be an ad for the leasing of the room. I realise this is a loose suspicion based upon a glance of a screen but it immediately made me a bit hmmmmmmmmm (again, in retrospect, me leaving is a good thing and he is my landlord who can make these decisions but I do not want to be lied to).

2. I'd rather carelessly left a shopping bag downstairs on the dining room table (which, btw, is never used) which tonight was had rather pointedly been put on my bed. Admittedly I'd left it there out of spite to remind them that I still lived here and although I have never left anything outside my room I do actually pay to live here (and it might be nice to see if I've gone to bed before a spontaneous piano recital at 10:30pm). It was a bit perverted I suppose. It may be as innocent as the Boyfriend needs the dining room table to install what appears to be a home office (see, it really is a good thing in the long run that I'm leaving).

3. I get in to my room, musing these developments, when I discover that my floor has been cleared. There were some jeans and a sweater and my boxers which someone (iew, btw) had thrown in the dirty clothes basket and the throw pillows had been put back on the bed. Seriously, wtf?

I am in two minds on whether to talk to Roomie about this. Part of me worries that an indiscreet comment I made about the Boyfriend to someone will come back and bite me in the ass and thus I will instantly lose any moral high ground and anything, no matter how genuine or reasonable, I say will instantly be screwed. Also, why bother? Any luck I'm on my last days here anyway so why make them even more uncomfortable than they already are?


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