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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Grumble. Tale of Disaster.

Disaster struck last night. It turns out my Roomie has a guitar and knows a few chords. I realise that this, officially, makes me a horrible person but few things ruin my mood more than impromptu sing alongs of 70s standards around an amateur guitarist. So you can surely imagine my rage when the sing along occurred just after midnight, an hour after a very pooped Ian went to bed. It wasn't a school night, admittedly, but I don't need a cone of silence to go to sleep either. And he, along with his boyfriend and some clients, were noisy. When they started 'Sweet Home Alabama' I very nearly stormed down in my pyjamas only, because I am actually considerate, I didn't want to embarass Roomie in front of his clients. He forgets that I am paying quite a lot of money to live here, and as such deserve some freakin' respect (or at least the pretence of keeping it down). God help us when the piano eventually arrives.

Although I managed a divine sleep in until 10am this morning (heavenly), my mood quickly soured when I saw the dishwasher. I've documented our dishwasher wars before and they don't worry me. Boyfriend, and therefore by default Roomie, seem to think that some things come out dirty because I don't rinse them properly. Boyfriend gave a me a little tutorial on using the dishwasher the other day. Happily, the day before the tute I had realised what was being used as detergent was actually rinse agent so had bought some powder on my way home and was able to point out to Boyfriend the real reason. So what did I find had been put in the dishwasher this morning (which, for some unfathomable reason, was packed full but yet to be started and was beginning to stink)- bloody rinse agent. Bloody hell.

Anyway, away with such negativity.

On Thursday night we trooped up to Baltimore (in good traffice, an hour's drive- in peak hour, almost two) for a do at the National Aquarium. It was a sensational night, and their catering was some of the finest food I've ever had at a function (actually, it was the finest food I've ever had at a function) so a grand time had by all.

I re-interviewed on Wednesday. Absolutely no idea how it went. We shall see, we shall see.


Blogger anney said...

I think that my look of disdain whilst reading that entry, says it all.

How very . . . grade 12.

11:08 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

They did apologise for it eventually on Sunday night.

7:14 AM  

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