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Monday, November 06, 2006

Homeless, Again

Roomie has decided not to extend my original four month lease. I realise that he is entirely within his rights but still- sigh. Largely because of the inconvienance of it all and I've just spent far too much money on booking Berlin and associated accessories to be able to put up a security deposit. I'm also probably going to have to spring for a wireless card too, which is like $120.

Good news is I now have the luxury of time, the luxury of knowing the neighbourhoods of DC and the luxury of having a cellphone (seriously, not having one was a huge problem last time round).

Even though I have a few weeks I like to feel that I'm moving forward so am checking out two places already this week. On Wednesday I'm seeing some amazing uber-sleek loft in Contempto style in Adams Morgan which would be a share with two other guys. I don't think I have my own bathroom, but it's an incredible neighbourhood and a slick place so I may just deal. It's a longer walk to work, and there is a hill involved, but I could always use the exercise.

On Thursday I'm seeing a furnished master bedroom with bathroom only a block from work. I'm not sure how I feel about living so close to work, and it's a pretty soulless area. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This has all been rather depressing, so to cheer us all up a photo of a woman I think is absolutely, and always has been, stunning in every aspect(I know this photo was recently featured on Go Fug, but it deserves endless praise anyway):


Blogger anney said...

I love her.

Also, of course you're planning ahead - you're a capricorn! We just love to plan!!!

Mmmmm planning . . . . maybe I should start planning my visit to you at the end of '07 . . .

12:58 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Hopefully you'll be able to stay in the sleek loft... seeing it at lunchtime today. Also looking at a place on Q St on Friday. I do like Q Street.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Risa said...

wow, a dress that takes fake flowers and bright ketchup red to a whole new level.

i want a postcard from berlin!

3:31 PM  

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