I'm A Legal Alien Now

Friday, December 15, 2006

Been a while...

But I've signed a lease! I move into my stunning new bachelor pad one bedroom-corner apartment-bit more than I wanted to spend but what the hell I'll live on Ramen apartment Sunday night. I have no furniture of any description, not even a towel, so it will be a Christmas adventure.

This week has been a massively busy blur. Honestly, it's pouring out of my head as I type and I can't even really remember why my feet hurt so bad.

Tomorrow morning I'm hiking off to Maryland to visit Ikea. Ikea in this country puts middling Springwood to shame. I like how you can hire an Ikea car to take your new furniture home. I ordered a microwave from WalMart today, so I've pretty much condemned myself to hell in pursuit of a $40 microwave. I have $400 to pretty much furnish an apartment to the liveable stage and the frightening thing is- with Ikea it can be done. We're talking bed, towels, linen, glassware, cutlery and flatware. No sofa yet mind you and I may temporarily skip on the bed frame.

I went to a special preview of Night at the Museum at Nat Geo tonight. It was an awful lot of fun- a really good holiday flick which makes you laugh, is good to look at and has a happy ending without requiring too much expenditure in the brain department.


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