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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Buffalo Bridge

Despite being rather inadequately dressed (which would have been amusing if I weren't so damn cold) I had a bit of a touring adventure today.

First stop was the Dumbarton Buffalo Bridge. This bridge is just down the road from me and is the border of Dupont Circle/Georgetown- I walk across it to and from work each day. There are four of these mammoth creatures, one at each corner. They each have a scrotum. That big white mansion in the background is the Turkish Ambassador's Residence.

Next stop was the Zoo. I've been there before but the new Asia Trail business had opened and you could actually see the Pandas without causing serious neck damage.

Then a metro to the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI). This is the newest Smithsonian and a spectacular building. Sadly though I found the cafe the best feature. It's self service, but with different sections for different regions of Indian culture. It was a neat concept. The food I had wasn't great, but it was the cheapest option so no whining. I felt with the collection in the NMAI it assumes its audience has a certain base of knowledge about the American Indian culture. I found it confusing and not cohesive and I didn't really know what was going on.

One thing I do know however is that there is always room for one more photo of the Capitol.

Walking down the Mall was rather amusingly cold and people kept looking at me, eyes wide open, mouths gaping at how woefully under-dressed I was. Most people were in puffy down jackets and beanies. I was wearing a sweater.

I went into the Hirshhorn next, the Smithsonian's contemporary art collection. It is quite sensational really. I mean it's no National Portrait Gallery, but anyone who has this sensational piece in their collection is an awesome museum-

I tried to commit the artist's name to memory but the work is called Black Hole and the artist was born in 1974 in Munich but has a Nordic name. Bjorn something-or-rather. Anyway, I doff my cap to you. That is one seriously awesome piece of sculpture.

Bee and her husband are taking me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. Cheesecake Factory. Whee!


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