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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Three trains, two buses and a cab later...

I had my Ikea adventure today in preparation for the move tomorrow. It was a bit of an odyessy out to College Park on public transport (though, happily, was easier than expected on the return despite comically oversized shopping bags full of stuff).

Originally I was intending just to buy the mattress at this stage to save some money, but since I had to pay $80 for delivery anyway I also bought the frame and slats as well. All up, including next day delivery, $400. Then I spent another $100 on linen, towels, glasses, cutlery, plates, shower curtain + rings and tea towels. And a sleek washing up brush thing. I'm very pleased with my shower curtain. It did feel not quite right to be having such an Ikea moment without Anne.

So for imminent move in, all I'm really missing is a blanket/quilt affair.

I went to my apartment (which, thank god, I still love) to dump this stuff... whereupon I christened the toilet and when I went to flush it the bathroom flooded. Some dude was supposed to call me back by 6pm... didn't happen. Will be on management's case tomorrow. I don't even have a mop!

I'm so tired. I could've gone to bed at 8pm. I know it's the exhaustion of this whole moving shebang contributing, but recently I've been feeling a bit lonely. Christmas isn't really worrying me, I guess it's more I would've liked to be have had this chaos with a completely impartial shoulder to lean on.


Blogger anney said...

Oooh, what kind of shower curtain was it? You must describe it to me, or better yet, tell where it is in the catalogue. To be perfectly honest, I am way too familiar with their catalogue.

I think feel much the same as you, too busy to really enjoy/notice Xmas. It feels a bit like any other day, except I get to eat alot and get presents. Which I suppose is a positive.

11:18 PM  

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