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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tra-la! Online!

I finally have internet in my new apartment! I'm currently sitting on the floor in an otherwise completely empty living room as I type this. It's all rather Zen, frankly. So much has happened in my days without the internet (baby, let's never fight again) and much of it isn't very interesting in the re-telling but to summarise:

1. RCN, my internet company, is evidently run by monkeys. Poorly trained monkeys.

2. I adore, adore, adore my new apartment and can't wait to have some, you know, stuff.

3. I proved I had l33t handyman skills when my Ikea bed was missing a part but I improvised. Come a night of raunchy sex though and it will probably collapse. C'est la vie.

4. I had a rather bizarre night at Cobalt, a gay bar, last Saturday.

5. I adore my new neighbourhood. I'm on the border of Dupont Circle and Georgetown so frankly there's nowhere else in DC I'd rather/condescend to be. Every day I've been going for walks through Georgetown. Up the road from me is Dumbarton Oaks which is where in 1946 the UN was founded (then ratified the following year in San Francisco). A ten minute walk away is Wisconsin Ave and M Street which are two of DC's big shopping areas- upmarkety High Street stuff like Banana Republic, Restoration Hardware and best of all Dean & DeLuca.

6. Thanks to Christmas Shutdown, I have this week off.

7. Christmas was boring. I wasn't depressed or upset but it was largely because I just convinced myself Christmas wasn't happening. Went for a long walk in the rain and found a bar open on M Street where I was able to have a vodka lunch.

8. I have been having many a hot bath with a block of Dean & DeLuca chocolate and the double thickness Christmas-issue of the New Yorker.

9. There will be a pictorial report of Georgetown when there is another sunny day. This may not be until March.


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