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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Odd Evening

Another long weekend! Hurrah!

Last night I worked as door bitch/cashier for Xena's husband's CD launch. It was actually really great. I didn't think I'd like his music but much to my surprise I really did.

What was weird though was CLL and NN both called me within twenty minutes of each other asking me to come out... both of them I'd thought had completely lost interest in me as I hadn't heard from them in weeks then BOOM. So after the launch I made a cameo appearance at the trashy Chaos (sort of like The Beat but more latino) to see NN, who is still cute and touchy-feely which in my current state is pretty much the same as full on sex. Said hello to CLL who is still incredibly cute and slightly weird.

Have to go to work today for a big ceremony- 9 hours of work for a five minute ceremony- but the overtime will be sweet so I don't really mind one bit.


Blogger anney said...

Busy busy busy!!

Sounds like you actually have some work to do!

I'm impressed!!

2:37 AM  

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