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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cluedo House

Sometime ago, after a few champagnes, Dapper and Xena were walking home and went past their favourite house on 16th & Riggs- a magnificent, slighly crumbling 1892 mansion with a huge mofo chandeliar in the front window. It was not the first time they went into raptures, but this time the caretaker was there and contacts were made.

At any rate, last night a tour had been organised for our little party and it was sensational. It was the home of a notorious Supreme court judge between 1892-1911- he made segregation law. It became a music school for a while, then a private home which was leased out for a porn film. The ground floor was absolutely magic- it was like walking into Cluedo. Big heavy marble fireplaces, damask wallpaper and intricate wooden ceilings. It was quite wonderful.


Blogger anney said...

I love how the word 'notorious' can be used to described someone who was really powerful and influential, but who did something that was frowned upon by today's culture.

It really is a great word.

7:06 AM  

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