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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Little Disappointments

So far the long weekend has been one of little disappointments. There's also the big dilemma of how fucked I am financially, but I worked out how I got my calculations so wrong. So very wrong. That's pleasing, but doesn't really change the fact I have about $39 at the moment (excluding my upcoming rent). Am going to sell some shares to cover this, ahem, shortfall.

But, the little disappointments in sequence:

1. On Friday night there was a loose plan to celebrate my national day with Xena & Co at a cafe in Georgetown co-owned by an Australian which was having Australia Day specials. This didn't eventuate, and I fobbed off another possible plan in the meantime.

2. I checked Target.com on the status of my sofa, and according to the website it arrived locally today. So I didn't go out all day so that when it arrived I was here to get the delivery guy to bring it in to my living room. Did. Not. Arrive.

3. The plan I fobbed off on Friday night was loosely rescheduled to tonight. Did. Not. Happen.

So none of these things are particularly vile, because each of them was an entirely vague arrangement never carrying a strong committment. But still. Mild frustration.

I opened all the windows today of my apartment and it was bliss. It was getting stuffy with the heaters on all the time. I've put a note in my calendar at work to buy a humidifier next Fall as waking up at the moment I feel so icky and dry.


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