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Sunday, March 04, 2007

New York: Another Pictorial Report

Clear skies! For flying! Another Washington first. The weather on Saturday was stunning in New York and surprisingly warm. I went for a bit of a stroll. First to the Museum of the City of New York which was surprisingly great. Then round the reservoir in Central Park, which was still partly frozen.

I was also very possibly the only person on the island of Manhattan who wasn't jogging round it.

Skyline! Hurrah.

I was actually on the look for new mugs. I briefly popped into the Met Museum but no luck. The Guggenheim was equally hideous. I blanched at the entry fee (and prices in the shop, though it was stunning dinnerware) at the Neue.

Happily, I then found the Cooper-Hewitt. Sensational! National Design Triennial. I did love it so. Especially the medical section. Did you know that they're inventing virtual reality video games to help young burns patients not feel pain when they're having their baths and treatment? Neato.

Front of the Coops:

I may have found my new mugs at the Guggenheim, but I lost my heart to the Coops.

On my way back to my hotel in the less posh area of the Upper East Side known as Yorkville, I saw this building I quite liked. I think it was because it was so narrow.

After a ridiculously long nap, I headed off to see Spring Awakening which is currently the hottest new musical on B'way. On the way I took the subway! I don't know why I developed an aversion to the subway last time I was here, but it's actually easy and neat and you hear more languages being spoken than anywhere outside the General Assembly. I got off near the beautiful old Rockefeller buildings and, lo,

Some little kid kept stacking it which was hilarious only because he also found it hilarious and didn't seem to be an entirely uncommon experience since he was wearing a bike helmet.

About the show:

It was good but not nearly as good as I was expecting. I mean, props to being probably the most intelligent and original show on Broadway right now but it just didn't do it for me. Of course backyard abortion and teen suicide aren't usually a riotous evening at the theatre but nonetheless it left me feeling quite hollow... I dunno. Some of the songs were quite cool, and I like how they managed to insert contemporary prock into an 1890s German play.

Luxurious sleep in before coffee with MM this morning. Bloody cold. I got halfway to the subway station before returning back to the hotel for my coat.

Now, some lovely bleak photos from Central Park.

With time to kill, I got a phone call from Xena (who also happened to be in New York) that the Neue was FREE because half of it was closed. I hurried to see the $135,000,000 Klimt. It was neat. I quite like Klimt. I endured the Met for a while. I had to queue for five minutes to see a frock, so I studied my map for the gallery which would be the most deserted but even Korean Art was busy. Happily though the moderns were quite bucolic.

I met up with Xena and her friend and we strolled through CP looking for a castle. I had many hot dogs as I was peckish and with a few hours until my 5.30pm flight back to DC. Strolled to a cab. Picked up my luggage. Got in cab. Checked ticket. Flight was actually at 4.30pm. Traffic jam on FDR Expressway. Hilarity.

Happily my taxi driver was very probably certifiably insane and I made it- with time to spare. Huzzah.



Blogger anney said...

V nice indeed. Rather bleek, but then I suppose it is winter. And that, my friend, will be the new york I see!! :)

7:40 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Saturday was beautiful though! The shittiest thing about Sunday was that it was windy and with all the skyscrapers it just makes the narrower streets (pretty much everything except the avenues that run north-south) a gigantic wind tunnel. It is deeply unpleasant.

Also it is not a pretty place for snow, outside Central Park. If it snows while you're here, hopefully it will be while you're in Georgetown.

8:27 PM  

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