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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weather, thou art fickle

Earlier this week we enjoyed brilliantly sunny and warm days of late spring. Last night it snowed. I honestly don't get this early Fall weather system at all and I don't really approve. It makes it very hard to dress appropriately. Even yesterday when sleet was predicted I doubted the appropriateness of an overcoat considering that the day before I had been in short sleeves.

The overcoat proved to be a wise choice thanks to my least favourite weather- ice pellets.

Work is thrillingly busy. I'm more relaxed and feel more independent and Xena & I make a great team. Things are getting really busy. There is a patch of April which I refer to as the Black Hole of April. It can best be summed up by in one twenty four hour period I have to work on major events starting at 6pm, 5.45am and 10.30am.

I don't know where I sit financially. I was worried, but then I re-assessed and decided I shouldn't be overly concerned but I'm still not sure. I guess I'm adjusting to rent-once-per-month as opposed to fortnightly but I still get startled at how quickly I piss it away. I'm going to think positively, but sensibly, about my finances and try not to get depressed. I'm not destitute by any means, it could be worse, and if I want to do things like go to Chicago (and, god help me, Australia in June) I need to live without a Reiss blazer. Such is adult life I suppose.

But seriously, they have some amazingly sexy blazers. I love superfluous buckles.


Blogger anney said...

I do love a good blazer. But the word blazer always makes me think of high school.

Evidently I need some pretty comprehensive therapy to get past that one.

1:38 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Or I'll just take you to Reiss!

8:41 AM  

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