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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blossoms n Blooms

As you may recall, I took quite a few photos of snow. Now that it is springtime, I'm doing the same-only for cherry blossoms and marigolds which began to bloom this week! Churrah!

On Thursday night I had an event to attend and en route snapped this very pretty shot near where I work-

On my way back from the event I stopped by Lafayette Park to try and replicate Tuesday's moment. I couldn't, and I couldn't get a decent photo of the White House at night but I did get an okayish and interestingly coloured shot of a marigold.

Plans were made for a little stroll through the Cherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin for the weekend. Unfortunately the weather was horrific today but I couldn't reschedule as next weekend I'll be in Chicago (whee!).

Spot the monument!:

Told you the weather was crappy. Interesting clouds though. The cherry blossoms are that white rim right round the basin.

In other news, my hunger striker is still there and this chap wants to become president:

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