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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Little Washington Moment

Tonight Xena and I went to an event hosted by the Canucks. I do love Canadians. They're such a clean and friendly people. There was also the new Quebec Bureau rep there and you could not picture someone who looked more French (well French Canadian but whatever).

Afterwards, since it's such a spectacularly beautiful night (like a warm summer evening- 27C!- but without the humidity that typically accompanies such degree in this town) we decided to walk across town back home. En route we passed through Lafayatte Square, which is the park in front of the White House. Well! Breathtaking! The White House was all lit up looking grand and regal and the marigolds and cherry blossoms have bloomed so the trees were pink and fragrant. Xena summed it up best with a 'fuck, look at where we live'. It was incredible.

Since late Saturday I have been detouring my usual walking route towards work or Dupont Circle to head down Mass. Ave from Sheridan Circle to Dupont so I can pass the Hungry Hungry Hippie protesting outside the Embassy of Sudan with a handwritten HUNGER STRIKE FOR DARFUR sign. When I walked past just after 10 this evening I thought he must have been moved on by now, but not only was he still there (alive)- but he had been joined by another one! I kinda hope one goes insane in hunger and tries to eat the other.

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Blogger anney said...

Meanwhile, I keep having autum moments like - I should fertlise my citris - I should buy some new bonds track pants - I can totally justify a new pair of knee high boots, even though I only ever wear them under jeans and to parties because they are impractical for uni/social work.

These are exciting times . . .

3:26 AM  

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