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Friday, July 28, 2006

Boo! Hooray!

My Roomie finally has a flaw. He's a Country music fan. This will not do, it will not do at all.

Plus, he ate some of my Pop Tarts. But this pales into comparison when compared to... ugh... Kenny Chesney.

Today was rather interesting, even if it did take me until 3pm to fully wake up for some reason (I think it was the oppressive heat). This morning, after an alarming email from Anne who has also posted my toilet analysis (worth a look, I swear) and subsequent phone call my co-worker and I (let's call her Xena from here on out) had to get a driver to go up the Residence, the Ambassador's digs, to collect some paintings. Well. I want to be an Ambassador, if only for the real estate. I also met his butler who looks like he should be in a Ralph Lauren ad, reclining with some elfin blond in something made of linen or cashmere. Perhaps on a beach, near Martha's Vineyard.

Then this afternoon I did something completely bizarre but unfortunately culturally sensitive so I can't blog it. This makes me sad, as it was so extraordinarily weird but then I cheer myself up by the sheer obnoxiousness of hinting to something without spilling the beans.

I've invited myself to an event being run by Japan's cultural department (unfortunately they have a separate Cultural Center downtown, so I don't get to check out their beautifully modernist Embassy) next week, and am trying to get in with the French because apparently they're the party Embassy. Unfortunately most of their Cultural people are in New York, but I'm not going to let this stop me trying.

Tomorrow I'm going in to the Embassy to receive an exhibition with Xena from NY and then take the curator out to lunch. Because I've got to go to work tomorrow morning, this helps ease the pain of spending my Friday night with my laptop on my lap. I'm thinking I may head to Chinatown in the afternoon to find a wok and a teapot, and then to Georgetown on Sunday as this house clearly needs some better CDs to choose from. I'm technically on a spending freeze because I STILL haven't been paid due to HSBC taking their sweet time to open my account. But new pants my lure me to break that freeze.

To paraphrase my current favourite beer ads here in the States:

BOO for slow HSBC.
HOORAY for Anne comprising 100% of my readership


Blogger anney said...

Hooray Indeed!!

Frankly, this is now my favourite blog.

Cry, I want to go to Washington and go teapot shopping. Instead, I am in overdraft city and there is lots of laundry to be done.

9:05 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

If it makes you feel better I have to do laundry here too!

Or... I could go down to the illegal Mexican mart near Whole Foods (I'm not making this up) and see if one of them will do it for a few bucks under the table.

10:07 PM  

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