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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Would You Like Some Painkillers With That, Sir?

Shock of the day:

Today they were handing out free samples of painkillers with takeaway coffee. Good lord. My mind cannot even begin to fathom the many levels of wrongness in that.

In other news, had a drink with my Brisbane contact after work today and her close friend who I met at our event and happens to be really fantastic fun and is going to give me a personal tour of where she works next week- which happens to be somewhere way cool.

Also, today I was booked in to a White House tour for the 19th of December. They don't really have tours ever since 9/11 but Embassies can arrange them (and Congress for Americans). I was technically added solely to make up the numbers, but I'm asked at least once daily whether I'd like to stay after Nov 3. At this stage- yes. How could I go back to ushering now? But I also know that things may change and I may hate it by October.


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