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Sunday, July 30, 2006


The exhibition which was supposed to arrive at 10am yesterday didn't turn up until 4:30pm.


Nonetheless, Xena and I had a perfectly delightful day of window shopping and brunching around Dupont Circle, which is where I would live if I could afford it (though I'm yet to see Georgetown, I do like the accessibility of the Metro stop in Dupont). We had brunch at Kramer's Books and Grill, which was divine (alcohol at brunch without recrimination- bless) and I found my future CD supplier (Roomie had offered me an old CD player and I foolishly declined but am going to see if it's still around). After a week of struggling to find teapots, they were falling out of the woodwork all of a sudden and I got a combination mug-infuser which was inexpensive AND efficient AND matches my bedroom walls (quite a consideration).

I even bought some neat Kenneth Cole work pants in a very dark gray from the glories of Filene's Basement. As they're for work, I feel they're exempt from the spending freeze. They're neat, and thanks to Fil's were less than half their usual retail price. They only catch, I discovered when I got home, were that they are dry-clean only. I think there are some Koreans on U who can handle that though.

Industrious things are happening outside my window. It appears the back patio construction is imminent due to the piles of wood, bags of concrete and a handful of illegal Mexicans.


Anonymous z said...

Dupont Circle was once the very gay district in DC; I've heard that it still is but that it is less so than it has been historically. (See, they buy up these places, remodel them nicely, and then enjoy as their property values increase!)

Anyway, hope you're enjoying the USA so far. ;)

2:17 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Hello Mysterious Z!

Apparently where I'm living is the next Dupont. It's still a little ghetto, but with really cool bars and restaurants.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous z(inear) said...

Ah, I forgot to introduce myself! I was a reader of your LJ, and then you moved it here. So, it is harder to keep track; I have yet to catch up on your adventures in America that you have posted here.

12:41 AM  

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