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Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the Trunk of our Car

Little Miss Sunshine is one of those rare movies that when it ends I could turn round and watch it all over again. Sheer. Brilliance. The script, the filming, the casting, the acting, the pacing. All brilliance.

I went to Needless Markup and bought some Diesel Jeans, this makes me feel a little dirty but they're oh so goddamn sexy and don't have any of that shitty faux-aging. Saks 5th Avenue Men's Store may become my favourite shop on earth when I can afford more of their merchandise more readily. Needless Markup would take this honour but for their unbelievable policy of not taking Visa or MC (in this day and age!!!). Also, I think the shop guy thought I was trying to shoplift. But then again, they get commission on sales so that may be more the case. I also coveted some Paul Smith baseball boots, but this is not a first.

Roomie and I are getting very chatty and I like it very much.

I have tim-tams in the fridge.

I made eyes with a cute guy on 14th street. I like to think he made eyes at me (I immediately starting working the accent for all it was worth). At any rate, it made me pleased.

I walked home with Xena from the movie (which we saw with her wonderfully dry Australian journo friend) and it was a beautiful evening and there were hardly any homeless on 14th we had to step over and/or suffer middle class guilt about.

I am very content right now.


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