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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ruminations 2

Mmm I love the word 'ruminations'.

1. I would like some bosom buddies in Washington, but at the same time I'm surprised at how well I'm doing without them. I don't mean this in a narky kind of way, but I expected to be horribly homesick by October. And I'm really not. I miss them of course, and I miss having friends who I can bitch to unreservedly and not have to be on my guard around and so on, but I'm surviving.

2. Squirrels are still cool.

3. Roomie has two irritations at the moment. One, we had another houseguest on the weekend crashing on the sofa. I actually don't mind, and if I stay I intend to place a few Australians on that sofa, but all the same I would appreciate the courtesy of giving me a bit of advance notice. This somehow became this very real worry that one day I'll come home and find out he's bought a dog or some such living thing. I would not be cool with that. Also, I can be a bit of a slob- I pack the trash can in the kitchen so full cos I hate travelling the three metres to take it outside- but it irritates me how the pizza boxes and plates from the weekend are still piled up on the sink. I don't mind a bit of crockery-pile when the dishwasher is full and needs unloading as I am also a slack bum in this regard. However, when the dishwasher is EMPTY then I get stroppy when things are not placed in it. Usually I weaken and put his stuff in (typically as we run out of flatware) but am being strong. We seemed to have a system where I'd crack first with the crockery and he'd crack first with the trash. But no more. Anyway, he's still great and I still like having him as my roomie/landlord.

4. I have duck for dinner tonight, that pleases me.

5. I have to work on my job application tonight, that displeases me.

6. If I am going home, I am going to have a FRENZY of sightseeing. I still haven't got my arse down to the Memorials. When I got here my excuse was it was too hot. Well it ain't any more. Actually today was quite warm- it's hovered around a very pleasant 27C for most of the day. The weather here is mad. Last Friday it rained with a maximum of 11C, Saturday was much the same. Then Sunday was brilliant skies and around 22C. Today was 27C and sunny. But on Friday the maximum will be 10C and rainy again, with a minimum of 4C (everytime I see that on the forecast I quietly scream- I am not ready for that sort of cold yet. I've only just got myself sorted for the low teens).


Blogger anney said...

Ruminations is indeed, a most groovy word.

It is good that you're not getting too homesick. Sometimes its comforting to know that you can be quite independendant when needs be. Although it does suck not having anyone to be non-judgementally snooty with (I too was lamenting this yesterday).

But go you - you strong independant man you!! *cue Destiny's Child tracl*

Good luck w the application also!!

8:36 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

You should come on MSN more often! I'm online now, waiting for your message. With me is a saucy redhead, a foxy brunette and I'm a fun blonde with big breasts who loves to party.

I'm also surprised at my independence and adaptability. Didn't see them coming.

9:12 PM  

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