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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A disturbing new development...

I realised today that shopping has a dangerous potential to be my new weekends social-activity-replacement.

This is a dangerous and potentially expensive development.

I realised this afternoon as I discovered that the blocks on 14th Street between S and U Streets are very possibly going to become the next hot shopping strip in DC. 14th St down near P is already getting groovy (greatly aided by Whole Foods who- and I'm not making this up- are starting to make research papers due to their effect on uplifting urban areas, along with the rents) and so in a way it's only natural that the grooviness will extend up to the already burgeoning U Street.

In particular I am in love with three shops at the corner of 14 and S-

Pulp, which is gifts and stationary and how I Lusted after the Librarian Action Figure with real SHUSHING effect and immediately organised what I could post to various people for birthdays and such.

Next door is POP which is groovy clothing. I particularly like the ethos of only doing small orders so that when you buy an incredibly neat t-shirt you're not going to see three thousand other people in the same shirt next weekend.

Then there is Muleh which may as well be Moolah because it is an uber expensive Asiatic-inspired furniture and limited clothing ranges store in a former warehouse. It's all very chic. I coveted a red velvet jacket. It was only $120 which is quite reasonable for a jacket, but I have decided to hold off on major purchases until after New York. If I were furnishing a groovy row house on Q Street, I would shop here. There was some amazing furniture, the stuff of furniture porn.

Speaking of porn, the French clothing company SHAI have released their online catalog (note the new American spelling). It takes 'sex sells' to extreme new measures, and I cannot emphasise this enough, IS NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK. Don't let the link fool you, it really is a catalog

Now, it is nap time.


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