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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Roofie Colada

I just went to a party!

On a roof!

At 11pm!

My Roomie + Boyfriend had to go a party tonight but they were so buggered from cycling out to Mt Vernon and back this arvo they didn't really want to go... but anyway, they asked me to go along with them. I didn't want to at first as a) I was a scaredy cat and b) I had a comprehensive plan of movies for the evening but in the end I told myself not to be such a wimp and tagged along. We didn't stay more than an hour since they were so tired but I had a really great time. I didn't use them as a crutch at all- within five minutes of arriving I was chatting to some American guy and his really pretty Irish friend.

Two things I notice:

1. Americans are great at parties because they're so forward. They have no qualms about marching up to a stranger, thrusting out a beer soaked hand and starting a conversation. The fact that I'm a novelty makes it all the better.

2. My confidence is getting a big boost. As I learnt tonight, I can walk into a cool party where I know no one, for all intents and purposes, and not stand forlornly at the drinks table waiting for someone to talk to me. I work at an Embassy, that's awesome. And, being a foreigner, it's always easy to find something to talk about.

Was starting to feel a bit glum that it was Saturday night and all my friends were in Australia (and was missing Jedda something bad this afternoon) but tonight made me feel a lot better.


Blogger anney said...

I had a similar experience recently. I was taken along to a party of arty types and moved throughout the crown striking up conversations with ease. It probably had something to do with the fact that I was quite, quite tipsy. But so was everyone else and it was a great confidence booster!

We're so fantastic! Go Us!!

12:53 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

I had an even more startling personal development tonight. Email pending.

9:30 PM  

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