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Friday, August 18, 2006

Does this mean I'm in a routine?

Nothing much of note happened during the week, that I can remember anyway. Things are starting to gear up for the next event, so I'll soon be back on familiar ground- I just hope I can do it all without having to ask Xena to prove that I can do things for myself.

Weekends kinda suck. There was Happy Hour at the Embassy tonight but I was a stupidhead and a) didn't think to RSVP and b) didn't really feel like it. I think I've always had some deep rooted suspicion of work-sponsored-socialising, but I am completely an idiot for not taking advantage of this because this is what expats do. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I did manage to join the social club today though, so I hereby swear unless I have another social engagement, I will attend the next Happy Hour regardless of what my feelings may be about the event itself. Besides, Sexy T was attending with lots of their sexy friends.

I made a friend at some drinks being thrown last night by an art handling company. Well I don't really know if I made a friend, but we bonded excessively over Project Runway (in particular the TRAVESTY of justice this week where Alison was auf'd instead of Vincent. TRAVESTY, and I intend to raise it with the Ambassador next week). I've been handing out business cards like candy recently, so I gave her one and we'll see what happens. I may also have a date this weekend- speaking of which, Xena I don't think has quite clicked to that I'm gay, which is odd considering she's spent her entire working life in the visual arts.

I need to find things to do on the weekend as when I'm left entirely to my own devices I don't really like the end result.


Blogger anney said...

Is there some kind of 'sporting club' you could join?

And when I say 'sporting club' I really mean a club where you can play badmington, bowls or croquet? Maybe the British Embassy could hook you up?

I have also sent you an email re: the gay thing, but you will probably have to wait until monday to read it :(

3:04 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

Bugger, indeed I will. I actually have to send you an email now about a rather unexpected development that occurred after post.

9:37 AM  

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