I'm A Legal Alien Now

Sunday, August 13, 2006


I was supposed to have a date this afternoon, but they've become suspiciously uncontactable. I am far from amused but easy come, easy go.

I went into Dupont Circle largely because they have a great CD shop where I picked up like eight classical CDs for under $60- including the complete Figaro and Don. If I stay past November, I'm going to get some of my collection at home posted over. Buying CDs makes me feel like this is more permanent though, was strange. It's all a bit strange actually- I bought more work shirts and things. It's really as if I'm settling in the for the long haul here.

I also went to Blue Mercury for some new aftershave balm and unfortunately was served by the snooty and displeased girl as opposed to the girl with the amazing rack who I think very well may have once been a man. I'm not sure why I think this, and I may be besmirching some innocent girl's character but there's just something... masculine... about her and her rack cannot be entirely natural. She's actually quite sexy in an overly made-up sort of way.

I realised today that I have completely relaxed about tipping too. I had got a lot better over time, of course, but still got a wee bit concerned in certain situations but now I just give what I think it's worth- double the tax rounded to the nearest dollar. I've also worked out that if someone brings something to you, they get a tip. If however you go to them, they don't. Except hairdressers and bartenders. I've got bartenders down, but hairdressers I'm yet to experience.

Last night I hit a low of the sort I haven't hit yet, but am expecting more of. It was Saturday, the Roomie et al had been out since 9am and I was home alone. The internet was down too, so this meant I had to find other amusement. I went to a bar by myself for a bit but got bored. I really miss the ease of having an inbuilt social network. Xena I think understands, of course she understands she's already done this- but I don't want her to have to entertain me more than the five days a week at work because I don't think that's fair (though we do genuinely enjoy each other's company). Coincidentally, it was at this point in Europe when I was ready to go home, but that's entirely different as I had minimal prolonged social contact with anyone- here I'm at work with great people five days a week. Despite the rather unpleasant low, I still want to be here. I just would like everyone in Brisbane to be here also. Sort of. Maybe I just want them here for the weekends, which sounds mean but I can't explain it very well.

In more pleasant news, I discovered Travelocity's last minute deals feature the other day which will get me return flights from National to New York plus three nights in a four star hotel for under $800 on the Labor Day weekend in September. This has me very excited as it will mean I can also see The History Boys, Avenue Q and the Bodies Exhibition PLUS pay the $20 to get into MoMA and leave a nice donation for the Metropolitan.

This week will be the last of four where Xena and I have been missing a boss. I'll need to think of a nickname for him. It may very well be Dapper, since that is what he is to a tee. Xena thinks I'm going to be just like him, which is flattering.


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