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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Memorial and Monuments: A Pictorial Report

Today it was glorious weather, albeit 8C, and I decided to charge around the Tidal Basin and the Mall and knock some memorials off my list in case I have to go home.

Is that the Capitol I spy from Smithsonian Metro? Why yes, I believe it is. I proceeded with haste to the Tidal Basin, which may be one of my favourite places in DC yet. It was built to catch the overflow from the Potomac to prevent flooding. Not only is it very pretty and tranquil (except in cherry blossom season every spring when it is mobbed) but there are wonderful views and the planes coming into land at National, which I'm rather fond of as ambient background. Here are some happy snaps from the Tidal Basin.

That of course is the Jefferson Memorial, which I think may be favourite. It's also usually deserted, which makes the Lisa Goes to Washington episode of the Simpsons so much funnier when she tries to seek counsel at Lincoln, but it's too crowded, so she goes to Jefferson who has a little snit.

This is the Depression area of the FDR memorial, which I also quite loved. It's a series of outdoor rooms with waterfalls and stone- one for each of his terms.

Ta-da! The Lincoln Memorial. Inside is the Lincoln statue that also features prominently on my diplomatic visa. This end of the mall was getting increasingly crowded with an unpleasant bus-tour sort of crowdiness so I was getting a little peeved. Nonetheless, the views are quite spectacular.

I did see the Vietnam Memorial which isn't as interesting in a photo and is actually rather boring unless you have some personal connection to it and/or aren't surrounded by spry seniors in lively-coloured jackets.
This is the Korean War Memorial, which is quite touching. It is also where I'll be attending the dawn Anzac Day service next April if I'm still here.

Some respite from the bus tour crowd (who had no time between the White House, Vietnam and Lincoln to watch some comically fat ducks- actually, on second thoughts, maybe they were geese- on a spectacular Fall day):

I then paced past the various kickball tournaments (this would be a fun sport if I were drunk, or a sporty geek as opposed to an arty geek) before finding myself at the Archives Metro to return home via Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch. How eagerly I awaited my afternoon nap. Alas, it was not to be, as I discovered to my chagrin I need to sit around and wait for the locksmith.



Blogger anney said...

I think my favourite part is that plane landing in the background of you Jefferson Memorial shot.

Eeerily amusing.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Well National Airport is right behind the Jefferson. It's quite sensational.Not entirely surprisingly, it was the last airport to re-open after Sep 11. When you take off you have to make this steep right turn to avoid all the prohibited airspace around the White House and the Washington Monument.

9:34 PM  

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