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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Georgetown: A Quasi Pictorial Report (among other things)

Been a bit poopy recently. I could handle Christmas on my own, but then the triple whammy prospect of my birthday (verily, I am now 24) and then New Year's sitting in an empty apartment unable to justify even buying a bottle of wine (frankly this is probably a good thing) makes the whole expatriate thing seem a wee bit less glamourous. The people I'm closest too here are all away so a dead end there.

Luckily, tomorrow night Texas has invited me to her place for drinks. I'll probably be the youngest by a good ten to thirty years, but it's something.

Contributing to the general malaise is the not-entirely-surprising-nor-new experience of being letdown by someone I had foolishly let myself invest a bit of interest in. There was some ceremonial culling from the cellphone last night in a little pique (see, just as well there isn't any wine in the house).

In good news, my TV works thanks to some neat rabbit ears. I only get 6 channels which I believe in America qualifies me for welfare, but I get Fox 5 so I can get my Simpsons. I probably won't get cable until the new season of Project Runway next summer. That'd be rather funny-sad if it weren't actually true.

Now, on to the Pictorial Report

Beyond yonder gates lie Dumbarton Oaks, a grand ol' manor which was used to found the United Nations. So there. Stravinsky wrote a piece about it. I walk past it when I'm going to Safeway.

This is a little N Street NW moment. Typical Georgetown scene.

This, 3017 N Street NW, was the home of widow Jackie Kennedy after she had to move out of the White House. It's typical that the only trees left with leaves in DC are in my shot photo.

Typical Georgetown canal. Actually it's the only one and I'm sure a few moments with Google will tell me why Georgetown felt the need for a canal, but frankly I can't be arsed nor do I particularly care. I do like it though. This bit is wedged behind Dean & DeLuca and all those rather ugly buildings next to the freeway and the river. There is a multiplex there.

Typical Georgetown architecture. Rather pretty, non?


Anonymous Risa said...

Yeah, Georgetown is pretty. Reminds me of London in some parts.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had no idea. You're so young, gawd. That's something to feel good about at least.

8:08 PM  
Blogger Ian said...

Thanks! Did you know when Jackie moved to that house locals use to bring out their camp tables and have dinner on the sidewalk hoping to see her? How fucked is that.

9:09 PM  

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