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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Package from Home

Firstly, it is bloody cold. Walking home tonight was the first time I thought 'hm, maybe I'm not so keen on the cold after all'. In good news though, the forecast for Friday is snow with accumulation of 1-2inches. That's exciting. 'Freezing rain' is not.

Buying a beanie is a task for the weekend, along with suitable boots for the snow. What I'd really like are some kicky revolutionary soldier/polo type boots-

but sadly it's not likely to fit in my budget and I fear people will get the wrong idea.

I came home today to multiple packages which was very exciting including my desk and a bookshelf and most excitingly, a package from home. It made me just a little homesick nostalgic. My big baggy home jumper smells like home.

Today at work was a bit of a tetanus day. Actually not really that bad, more of a MMR day. And I can't be in a snit about it because one of the things that came up I really deserved to be called out on. And there were apologies from both sides of the table, which is always good.


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