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Saturday, January 20, 2007


So tomorrow there is a maximum temp of -2C last time I checked and an 80% chance of snow. So fingers crossed, since it will be a Sunday and I won't need to trudge to work, that it will be white, white, white out there. Expect photography if so. It will make purchase of a beanie and snow boots increasingly urgent however, so I may have to head out to Payless (ugh- damn you finances, damn you to hell) out in Tenleytown. At least I'll have a New Yorker to read on the metro. I think I must've gone a bit overboard on furniture purchases and paying debts as my money is far tighter than I had anticipated.

Apparently I'm going out later which will be interesting as when one is going to a gay bar in such weather, what does one wear? Somehow my overcoat seems a bit inappropriate. I'm in a quandary.

Last night I went to see The History Boys with NN. I mean I obviously preferred the play more but the movie was quite superb too. Have a bit of a crush on Dominic Cooper, or rather his character Dakin.

And the movie made Posner, who I identify with the most, have a marginally happier ending which was nice. And I decided of all the boys, Scripps is the one I would want to be because he's the late teen I always wished I was- confident without cocky, doesn't give in to pressure and nice to everyone- equally comfortable with cocky turd Dakin as insecure gay Posner. Quite fine.


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