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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

May the Glorious Nation of Canada Prosper Forever and Ever. God Save The Queen!

So today I did an informal tour of the exhibition for an informal group of Canadian cultural people and they brought me a lovely showbag of goodies but, most impressive of all, was that it had Tim-Tams, the greatest biscuit known to mankind and incredibly tricky to get outside of Australia.

Seriously the Embassy struggles to meet demand- in fact it barely manages and as such Tim-Tam shipment arrivals are so top secret I think their records are on a Forbidden Floor- so that the Canucks are giving them away almost made me cry in sheer delight.

So I hid them under my desk (leaving them in sight would be sheer lunacy) and the entire branch loved me all afternoon, but I think it was just for biscuits.

The Canadians though had thought ahead, and included a laser pointer in the showbag for me to defend myself. There are a few scarred retinas tonight I'd imagine. Plus everything says 'CanadianAlly' on it, so watch out people- mess with me, mess with Canada.


Blogger anney said...

Those Canadians are so lovely. I think we should go to Canada.

I cannot believe that Tim Tams are such a commodity. I'm fairly sure they have them in the UK . . .

8:39 AM  
Blogger Ian said...

A SHIPMENT ARRIVED! GLORY BE! No doubt I will come home tomorrow with some scars of battle.

8:01 PM  

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