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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two/Too Many Nanna Trolleys!

After my documented tale of woe with my Nanna Trolley, I now have three nanna trolleys because the manufacturer sent me a replacement, Target sent me a replacement and I discovered the first one wasn't actually broken after all. Whoops.

But I took it out for a spin tonight and it's rather grand. I packed about $80 worth of groceries and a frying pan in there.

Also I scored a free chair. It's an office pleather thing in black which will go nicely with my eventual computer desk. I was browsing the craigslist free list and saw someone who was giving stuff away who lives in the apartment right below me, so score. I wasn't really after a chair (or dining table, but I passed on that) just now but considering it was a two minute trip away... and I took my first ride on the scary Elevator of Doom.


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You write very well.

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