I'm A Legal Alien Now

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bells of Moscow, Indeed

Just watch. Knowing how I struggled with those massive leaping chords makes it all the better. (Igudesman & Joo who do the greatest I Will Survive, apropos)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ian's Feeling of Snow

Snow, snow, snow as Dapper returns to Australia. Huge fat obese flakes too, and some depth which isn't to be sniffed at. Naturally, a walk was in order.

My special place... it's the garden on the corner of Q and Mills which is the little street behind my building. I think its attached to Dumbarton House. At any rate, it's always deserted because people think it's private. The snow was already thick and mine were the first footprints. When I came back past later, it was even thicker. Thick enough that I really felt the sink of my boots.

Gosh, my 'hood is beautiful.

And now, the Chinese House at 28th & P.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Busy Busy

Very busy week as Dapper packs it up and leaves. Highlights though were the two dinners at two different residences this week. The Ambassador's was very formal, with all the glassware lined up perfectly along the table and good heavy silver. And a butler. The other was equally nice, but more riotous.

I have been suffering Sims-related withdrawal (including the City kind). I would have to buy a desktop computer. There are going to be some tough choices to be made. At any rate, I'm going to hold off until after I go back to New York next weekend just to make sure it isn't a passing fancy.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Odd Evening

Another long weekend! Hurrah!

Last night I worked as door bitch/cashier for Xena's husband's CD launch. It was actually really great. I didn't think I'd like his music but much to my surprise I really did.

What was weird though was CLL and NN both called me within twenty minutes of each other asking me to come out... both of them I'd thought had completely lost interest in me as I hadn't heard from them in weeks then BOOM. So after the launch I made a cameo appearance at the trashy Chaos (sort of like The Beat but more latino) to see NN, who is still cute and touchy-feely which in my current state is pretty much the same as full on sex. Said hello to CLL who is still incredibly cute and slightly weird.

Have to go to work today for a big ceremony- 9 hours of work for a five minute ceremony- but the overtime will be sweet so I don't really mind one bit.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not the fun kind of slush

So we got about five inches of snow last night which, whilst nowhere near Buffalo's 100 inches, should still be cause for celebration. Only the plows got at it and heaped it all up in the gutters where it has been turning to slush and grey squishy mess. Five inches of snow should be so pretty. It's actually really ugly in an urban environment. At least it didn't, as predicted it should have, turn to ice. All the river and creeks are frozen though, which is quite spectacular.

But it is so cold out with a real gale now.

Very busy week, with a new show opening tomorrow night and a major (slightly disastrous) event earlier in the week. C hosted a wonderful farewell do for Dapper on Sunday night which was a really pleasant evening.

Also, I had initial doubts when I bought it, but a frozen dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatos is surprisingly fantastic.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


So on my way to Dean & DeLuca to buy cheeses for Dapper's Farewell #1 at C's tomorrow afternoon, I thought I'd pop into Barney's Coop (technically Co-Op, the 'funky' [read cheaper] spin-off to magnificent Barneys in NY, but I prefer to call it Coop) just to see what was on offer. At the back of my head was a ticking timebomb which is not unknown to me called 'I'd like New Pants'.

Well I found some.

I had to choose between buying a piece of furniture on this fortnight's paycheck or buying these pants.

The pants won. Superficially they just look like a good pair of navy pants, but there is some fantastic detailing- the little procelain buttons hidden under the fly, or the fake belt strap with the clip (cooler than it sounds) or the yellow stripe lining.

Truly, they're spectacular pants and quite frankly, an end table can wait.

Shake Shake Shake Indeed

Who knew Alice could move so well?

Cluedo House

Sometime ago, after a few champagnes, Dapper and Xena were walking home and went past their favourite house on 16th & Riggs- a magnificent, slighly crumbling 1892 mansion with a huge mofo chandeliar in the front window. It was not the first time they went into raptures, but this time the caretaker was there and contacts were made.

At any rate, last night a tour had been organised for our little party and it was sensational. It was the home of a notorious Supreme court judge between 1892-1911- he made segregation law. It became a music school for a while, then a private home which was leased out for a porn film. The ground floor was absolutely magic- it was like walking into Cluedo. Big heavy marble fireplaces, damask wallpaper and intricate wooden ceilings. It was quite wonderful.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Funky Town

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Social life.

Last night Jack asked me out to join him and Trader Joe (man, thinking of pseudonyms is getting harder and harder) and TJ's friend for drinks then 'out'. Had a rad time. First we went to Halo, which is trendy gay and all white and pink and curved surfaces, then Apex which is a bit warehousey with massive drag queens pulling friend chicken wings from their cleavage and boys dancing on bars with their massive hard-ons barely contained in their jockstraps (it was, funnily enough, singularly unarousing).

Some really drunk girl made friends with us in Halo. She was really pretty. And I hope it was the alcohol that made her dumb. She was fascinated with my argyle sweater and kept stroking my chest (slightly alarming) then grabbed my arse (comical). When she asked me what my surname was first she asked if it started with a W then if it was Swedish (!!!). Possibly the highlight of the night though (apart from Jack in a t-shirt which is always mighty fine) was this entertaining comment heard at the urinal-

Like, he shouldn't give me any fucking fat attitude just because he's so fucking fat. It's not my fucking problem, he should be going to a fucking gym or, like, work out or something. Jesus.